Article 10: Urban pollution definition

Friday, August 23, 2013

The best way to define urban pollution would be to say that term urban pollution encompasses all forms of pollution that occur in urban areas (cities).  Since majority of earth population lives in urban areas, urban pollution can lead to adverse health effects to billions of people, all across the globe.

Urban air quality is often the biggest issue associated with urban pollution. Many cities, both in developing as well as developing countries, tend to suffer from air pollution issue that results from heavy traffic and various industries.

Water pollution is also the issue in many cities in the world, particularly those in developing countries. Clean water is main prerequisite of healthy life, and keeping water clean is not an easy thing in fast growing urban areas. Hundreds of millions of people from all around the globe do not have a privilege of having a daily access to clean, drinkable water, which often leads to many waterborne diseases.

Urban air pollution also includes noise and visual pollution. Urban areas are connected with all kinds of noises such as that from traffic. Visual pollution is also heavily associated with urban areas though what sight is a visually polluting can vary from one person to another.

Urban pollution, is of course, the result of human activity. Reducing pollution levels in our cities means creating a healthy life for our families, and this is something we should all aspire to.

Urban is the cities that are rich in resources. Many people are wanted to be here because they said there are many oppurtunities. But here in urban area we are polluted. We are overpopulated. We have unclean environment. We are not taking care our surroundings. Pollution caused by man. It because of the factories, vehicles or appliances. It is all comes from humans. We should take care the mother earth. We should save the environment. 


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